A Report on TCEP’s Annual Scientific Meeting held March 2-3, 2020 in Chattanooga, TN

Thom R. Mitchell, MD, FACEP

The Chapter Board met Sunday March 1, 2020. Highlights of that meeting included a membership report of 474 members. If you practice with partners who are not members of ACEP and the Tennessee chapter, please encourage them to join.

Past-President Sandy Herman presented the financial report. We are in very solid financial standing, including greater than $130,000 in investments. Sandy Herman, who serves as the Community Behavioral Health Medical Director for the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health, and Chapter President Sullivan Smith, discussed mental health issues and what actions are being taken by the state to improve circumstances on the ground. A new draft of the Chapter Bylaws was approved, and there was open discussion regarding the possibility of redeveloping a meeting in Memphis.

The Scientific Assembly was held March 2-3rd at the Westin in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is a recently refurbished hotel and meeting site which is very comfortable and user-friendly. There were 90 attendees which included 23 residents and students. As well as 22 Emergency Medicine nurse practitioners in attendance. The residents and students pay no tuition and enjoy the food provided to the attendees. There were 17 exhibitors (which to a large extent covers the cost of the meeting).

Sudave Mendiratta, Chair of the Department of EM at UT Chattanooga, is responsible for the content of this meeting. By virtue of his charisma and role as Chair of the ACEP Educational Meetings Subcommittee, he continues to increase the quality of the program with exceptional speakers along with the overall educational experience. Annalise Sorrento started the meeting by scaring us with “Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Pediatric Patients.” She also provided an update of the Pediatric Literature. ACEP Past-President, Mike Gerardi, discussed the national reimbursement environment as well as future directions reimbursement may take. Nicole McCoin, Director of the Vanderbilt EM residency program, reviewed “EKG findings you don’t want to miss.” Corey Slovis, Chair of the Vanderbilt Department of EM, discussed management of hyperkalemia as well as the top EMS articles in 2020. John Rogers, Past Chair of the ACEP Board of Directors, discussed artificial intelligence and healthcare. There continued to be discussions of geriatric trauma, subtle signs of serious illness in vulnerable populations, ED metrics made easy, and an update of the COVID-19 threat and pandemic preparation in Nashville.

The second day included a discussion of GU emergencies, back pain you don’t want to miss, neuroimaging, a discussion of physician burnout as well as understanding wellness. Jacob Avila continues to take POCUS where no man has gone before. There was a discussion of OB disasters, a TBI update as well as wilderness pearls. The meeting ends each year with Sudave Mendiratta conducting an LLSA Review which is adequately thorough such that you can walk out of the meeting and successfully complete the LLSA examination.

This meeting is a top caliber learning experience and is a remarkable value. It is an opportunity to learn the most up-to-date Emergency Medicine techniques and ideas from national speakers. Additionally, it is an opportunity to meet with national and state leaders in a relaxed informal environment.

At the chapter membership meeting held during lunch the second day, Matt Neal was re-elected and Jacob Jennings was elected to the Board of Directors. Sudave Mendiratta was installed as the Chapter President.

Once we establish dates for the meeting next year, we will circulate them. Please pencil the dates into your calendar and join us.