Executive Board

President: Stanton Elseroad, MD, FACEP
President-Elect: John H. Proctor, MD, MBA, FACEP
Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas Mitchell, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past-President: Sudave Mendiratta, MD, FACEP

Board of Directors

Jacob Hennings, MD, FACEP

Sanford Herman, MD, FACEP

Kenneth Holbert, MD, FACEP

Ashley Huff, MD

Rebecca Martin, MD

Thomas Mitchell, MD, FACEP

Benjamin Smith, MD, FACEP

Sullivan Smith, MD, FACEP

Douglas Wallace, MD

Ex-officio: John H. Proctor, MD, MBA, FACEP – TEMPAC Chair

Sanford H. Herman, MD, FACEP
Sudave D. Mendiratta, MD, FACEP
John H. Proctor, MD, MBA, FACEP
Sullivan K. Smith, MD, FACEP

Alternate Councillors
Kenneth L. Holbert, MD, FACEP

ACEP members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or represent the Chapter as a Councillor. The Board of Directors has general supervision of Chapter affairs at its Annual Meetings.

Councilors represent Tennessee ACEP at National ACEP Council Meetings held in conjunction with National ACEP events. For more information, contact the chapter.